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Exploring Eavestrough Materials and Installation Techniques

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Exploring Eavestrough Materials and Installation Techniques

Fall Prevention Methods For Shingle Replacement Jobs

by Martha Soto

Climbing on to a roof to replace shingles can be intimidating. The work is not necessarily difficult, but you may be afraid of sliding off the roof or losing your balance and falling. To prevent this from happening, you will want to take several safety precautions.


Choose a safe day to work on your roof. It should not be windy and the skies should be clear. Make sure that you fully understand the steps involved before replacing shingles. Different shingles have different requirements. If you have memorized the steps, you will not have to keep checking the instructions and you will also not use methods that may be unsafe. 

Have The Right Equipment

Always wear gripping boots when climbing onto the roof. Install roof jacks so that you have something to stand on. Find a rafter below the sheathing and hammer the roof jack into the roof. Use a fall safety harness. This is attached to a secure location so that you can be stopped if you do fall off the roof. This is meant to be a last safety measure for when everything else fails.

Bring A Helper

Always have a helper when performing work on your roof. When you climb up the ladder, you will need someone to hold it to reduce the risk that the ladder will tilt and cause you to fall. Also, you will need someone who can run and get help if you do fall and injure yourself. Make sure that the ladder you use is secure and sturdy. Place the ladder on a level surface. 

Use A Couch Cushion Pad

Place a cushion on the roof that has excellent grip. For example, an old pad found within a couch cushion will have grip that can provide you with a secure place to sit. When you place your butt on it, you will feel very stable. The foam pad will not slide and will provide a comfortable spot for you to sit and work. It can be moved from location to location as you replace shingles. However, it is also light and will be easy to carry up the ladder.

The safest way to replace shingles is to hire a professional. Even if you take all of the necessary safety precautions, the condition of your roof may make it unsafe to perform repairs on your roof unless you are using the right equipment and are able to anticipate potential risks.

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