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Exploring Eavestrough Materials and Installation Techniques

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Exploring Eavestrough Materials and Installation Techniques

Can Hail Damage A Metal Roof?

by Martha Soto

Metal roofing is often marketed as being the most resistant to hail damage, with many manufacturers listing is as completely impervious to damage from falling pieces of ice. This claim is partially true, but it's important to understand what kind of damage can still affect your metal roof. Learn what hail does to one of the most durable roofing materials before you have it installed on your roof or buy a home with it already installed.

Limited Damage

It's possible for hail to damage a metal roof. However, the damage done to the roof is almost always cosmetic in nature only and not a problem when it comes to the condition or quality of your roof. It takes a huge piece of hail and a lot of falling speed in order to bend the metal roofing near the seams where a leak could actually occur. The same intensity and size of hail that would leave visible but otherwise unimportant damage on a metal roof will permanent and serious damage to an asphalt or composite shingle roof.

Durable Coatings

While any size of hail can cause a cosmetic dent in the surface of a metal roof, even the biggest pieces of hail aren't capable of damaging the galvanized coating found covering the surface of today's modern roofing materials. These coatings are designed to prevent rust and corrosion from weakening your panels and causing leaks. Since hail can make even a relatively large dent in the metal surface without interfering with the coating in any way, there's no need to worry about hail shortening the lifespan of your metal roof.

Inspection Value

The cosmetic dents left behind on a metal roof after a hail storm actually function as a valuable diagnostic tool if you're trying to determine how bad the storms are in your area. Experienced roof damage experts can carefully measure the total size of the dent as a way of determining the average size of hail that fell during the storm. If you're trying to establish the facts about a storm for a damage claim involving another part of your home, the dents left behind can help you gather important evidence.

Secondary Cover

Metal roofing is also the best choice for installing materials directly over a hail damaged roof. Asphalt and other shingles that are leaking or missing due to hail can be covered directly by a new layer of metal roofing in almost all cases, making hail damage roof repairs after a storm much faster by reducing the removal steps.