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Exploring Eavestrough Materials and Installation Techniques

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Exploring Eavestrough Materials and Installation Techniques

Signs That Your Commercial Foam Roof Needs Maintenance And Care

by Martha Soto

If you have a flat commercial roof that is constructed out of polyurethane foam, then you should know that this roof will need some maintenance as it ages. It can be difficult to identify when this is necessary, so keep reading to learn about some signs that you should be calling in the commercial roofing professionals. 

You Notice UV Damage 

UV damage is not something that you will directly notice, but you will see some fairly obvious signs that the sun's rays have caused some deterioration to the roof. Specifically, when it comes to a foam roof, the outer layer of sealant will start to wear away. You will see some cracking, a dull appearance, and the coating may begin to look quite thin. 

Once the protective coating deteriorates, the underlying foam will be affected. You may notice cracks in the material or the foam may start to crumble or break away from the roof. Crumbling is significant when the UV rays cause the moisture within the foam to evaporate. So, gently poke or press on the foam to see if it crumbles. You also may notice some noises under your feet as you walk on the roof. The polyurethane foam is a closed cell type that can retain a great deal of pressure and stress, meaning that normal levels of pressure should not cause this problem unless the foam is beginning to break down. 

Keep in mind that if the foam itself has experienced UV damage, then a complete replacement may be necessary. Otherwise, you can expect the roof coating to be replaced and the underlying foam to be left as is.

Leaks Start To Form

Flat roofs are susceptible to leaks for a variety of reasons. The most significant being that the roof itself is not angled in a way to move water effectively away from the surface. So, roofers must construct the flat roofs in a way that high spots are created and low spots channel water directly to drains. Over time, the high spots will start to level out and water can being pooling. This is something that happens due to the settling of foam and needs to be addressed. This is especially true when leaks have already begun to develop. 

If your foam roof is in relatively good condition, then your commercial roofer should be able to replace the foam at the leaking areas. Resurfacing may be completed as well and high spots can be added for drainage.