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Exploring Eavestrough Materials and Installation Techniques

Hi there, my name is Darby Mitchells. I am here to talk to you about eavestrough, or gutter, installations. The roof on your home features a number of components that direct rainwater to the edges. From there, the eavestrough allow water to run straight to the downspouts. The downspouts direct water to a drain that keeps the moisture away from the house. In addition to protecting your roofing materials from damage, gutters make it comfortable to walk under your roofline during heavy downpours. Without eavestrough, a heavy stream of water would pour over the edges of your roof at all times. I will discuss the benefits of installing and maintaining gutters on my site. I will also share information about gutter materials and installation techniques. Thanks for coming to my website.

Exploring Eavestrough Materials and Installation Techniques

Roofing Services That Minimize The Damage Caused By Pests

by Martha Soto

Most people think of pests as an indoor problem and something they need to rely on pest control services to manage. In most cases, this is true. But your roof can also become prey to various pests, and if it's not properly maintained, it can even give other pests access to your home's interior. How do you make sure pests and your roof don't mix? With the following roofing services, of course!

Professional Roof Cleaning

It's a good idea to have your roof professionally cleaned once a year. This is primarily a way to get rid of any algae or moss before they take the roof over completely. However, it is also a strategy to get bird droppings off the roof. If you have a flock of pigeons, sparrows, crows, or any other birds in your area, you can bet that your roof gets pelted with droppings from these flying creatures. The droppings are acidic, and they can eat their way through various roofing materials, including shingles, tile, and metal. Just as you would wash bird droppings off the roof of your car, you should have them washed off the roof of your house.

Flashing Repair and Replacement

Most shingle roofs have metal flashing around the chimney and any vents. Some also have metal flashing in the roof valleys as a way to protect these areas from leaks. Flashing can start to peel up and become dislodged before the rest of the roof suffers any damage. Once it is loose, all sorts of insects can crawl through the little gaps and access your attic. This is a common way in which destructive pests, like drywood termites and carpenter ants, get into a home. You can have a roofing service come seal down any peeling flashing and replace flashing that is beyond being salvaged.

Cementing Down Peeling Shingles

Peeling shingles are a concern for many reasons. They may let moisture seep into your home, leading to rot. However, they can also be a way for various small pests, like ants and cockroaches, to enter your home. Raccoons also love peeling shingles. They'll take them and peel them the rest of the way off — seemingly just because they can! So if you have raccoons in your area, you should definitely have a roofing service come nail down, cement down, or replace those shingles ASAP.

Pests can be a problem for roofing, but with the services above, you can keep them at bay. Good luck!